Thursday, August 2, 2012

Half-Naked Boy Walks Me Home

Yesterday I came home after a quick trip to the library, and as I walked upstairs to my apartment, I was greeted with the most enthusiastic young male.

"Hi!" he said, as he ran toward the top of the stairs.

It was my three-foot-tall Chinese neighbor!

And as usual, he had no pants.

I smiled as warmly as I could and said, "Hi." :)

I walked past him and made my way to my apartment, and seconds later I heard his tiny footsteps thumping rapidly behind me. He followed me until I got to my door, then watched me walk inside.

Inside somewhere, I'm flattered that somebody walked me home yesterday, even if it was just the little boy next door who only seems to know how to say "hi!!!!!!!!!" and never wears any pants. Someone was still looking out for me. Lol.