Friday, August 27, 2010

Some Stuff About Vegas

1. If you're 18 but not 21, you're generally limited to the same activities that minors are allowed to engage in - like playing games at the arcade and watching movies at the theater.

2. There are a lot of little cards scattered all over the streets with photos of women's breasts. (Not the best place to take the children.)

3. Realistically, Sin City probably isn't the best place to attempt to spread God's word. So to that man preaching about Jesus on the street that one evening, maybe seeing the guy who pulled down his pants and his unattractive behind was a wake up call. Disapproving and saying, "This isn't San Fransisco" wasn't going to do any good: you were right, Las Vegas isn't San Fransisco - it's Las Vegas.

4. Don't take hooker cards from the men and women handing them out in hopes of discouraging other weird people from handing you more. Announce you have one, and they'll insist you take more stripper flyers. Why? They'll probably think you're genuinely interested in paying for a blond bombshell.

5. I know Fatburger is a national franchise, but I'd never been there until I visited Vegas. Notice the "Fat Salad." Bit ironic isn't it?

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  1. You focus too much on the sex stuff of Vegas. So naturally, I approve of this post.