Monday, September 26, 2011

Political Science Class Discussion

Professor: Have you ever disliked anyone?
Student: At some point, yes.
Professor: Did you hate this person, or did you strongly dislike them?
Student: I strongly disliked them.
Professor: Was this person a male or female?
Student: It was a male.
Professor: Now, you never wanted to rape his sister and impregnate her? That never crossed your mind?
Student: No, not at all!

The point he was making was that some countries have hated each other so much that they were thinking thoughts like that. And he said he purposely said what he said the way he did so it would sound absurd.

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  1. Hi Agnes! This is Ton. Anyways, I think that teacher could have just explained without the example because either way that's strange. But then again, you'll never forget it! I know I won't. -_- Some people . . .