Friday, July 17, 2009

A Dying Wasp

I was walking home from the gym yesterday when I noticed a small object rolling around the ground. Curious as to what it was, I immediately stopped and looked to the ground to discover a small wasp an inch away from my right shoe. It appeared to be dying as it swayed and bounced around on the concrete sidewalk. I watched it gracefully suffer as its frail wings unsuccessfully tried to lift itself off of the ground. The only movement this nearly lifeless wasp managed was when it was carried around by the same light breeze that caused the leaves on the surrounding trees rustle. I stared down at the insect for no more than five seconds before I decided to continue making my way home.

After taking three steps away from the wasp, I stopped again and asked myself if I had actually seen what I saw. I turned around and squinted in an attempt to locate the dying creature. After being unable to see that wasp, I took a split second to debate about whether or not to walk back three steps so as to give myself a better opportunity to scrutinize it. Before I had time to realize it, I found myself having had walked a couple of blocks and opening the door to the apartment. I had unconsciously chosen to pay no further mind to the wasp that was likely lifeless the moment I stepped foot into the kitchen.

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