Monday, August 10, 2009


Back home drivers are pretty spoiled - we have gas attendants pump the gas for us.

On the mainland, you do it yourself.

I happened to be one of those spoiled drivers, completely oblivious as to how to properly pump gas into a vehicle.
Last week I asked my coworker's nephew to show me how to pump fuel into a car, a procedure I was very unfamiliar with at the time.

He walked me through it step-by-step, starting with selecting the fuel. (I was indeed clueless to that extent - I never had to think about pressing any buttons back home. All I had to do was tell the gas attendant, "Full tank, regular please.") By the time I had the gas nozzle in my hand, Phil explained to me in terms that I likely won't forget any time in the near future, how to perform the most critical part of the process: he told me it was time to stick the gas nozzle into the gashole.

I wasn't able to get past that part because my short attention span became exceedingly amused with how much gashole sounded like the word a**hole. I shoved the nozzle in there and Phil had to do the rest - secure the nozzle and make sure it stayed put.

Last night I did it though. I shoved that sucker into the gashole of Phil's car (even though there was a little spill before I even got it inside...) and put the nozzle back in its place once I got some gas in.

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